Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Techniques

Therapeutic Yoga          

with María Guinea     

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in a therapeutic setting

Private yoga/meditation class: a personalized guidance to implement the principles of yoga in your daily life. You'll experience the practice within the level that you need: physical, energetical, or spiritual alignment. 

Yoga Therapy session: As a YOGA THERAPIST I work one on one with the client using yoga/meditation/breathing techniques to help lessen the suffering in a variety of diseases. Please see more details in Frequently Asked Questions.  

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Yoga for seniors: therapeutic yoga classes in the area of Mount Pleasant and West Ashley (Charleston, SC) for seniors that need a yoga practice customized to their physical restrictions. Gather together with a purpose in a private group,  or see if you can join the already scheduled classes. Contact me if you have specific needs.

More info in Frequently Asked Questions.

Some one-on-one sessions and group classes 

can be done virtually.

Email me: offer a 15 minute free of charge consultation via chat/phone/email for you to see if my support might be an appropriate fit. Please email me to schedule. Phone: (843)345-5295.