About me

I discovered the beauty of yoga when I was 18, but it wasn't until 2007 that I started a consistent practice.

I have a biomedical background with experience in healing animals as a veterinarian, teaching Pathology, Histology and Pharmacology to undergraduate students in Argentina, and conducting cancer research. In 2005 I moved to Charleston, SC, where I was part of two research teams working at the Medical University of South Carolina on the study of the genetic and molecular mechanisms that control cancer metastasis. During that journey I found myself coping with the diagnosis of cancer, a mind changing circumstance that prompted me to divert the direction of my professional life. As I returned to the practice of yoga, I discovered it's healing powers.

I completed my certification as a Yoga Teacher with Professor Lisa McQuade, and my training as a Yoga Therapist with Brandt Passalacqua, (Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy School). Brandt helped me to dive into the deep waters of solid models that- based on yoga techniques and yoga philosophy- can support healing at the physical, energetic, mental, and sometimes spiritual level. 

Now I enjoy bringing my experience and teaching to middle age adults and seniors, in the format of private or group classes, and offering the holistic approach of Yoga Therapy model to the process of healing.