Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private yoga/meditation class? 

A private yoga or meditation class is customized to your level of practice and to your physical, mental, and emotional needs. We could work exclusively at the physical level, or incorporate energetic and spiritual based techniques as well.  

Classes can be held at the client’s place/virtually/alternative places. Duration: 60-75 min.  

What is a yoga class for small groups?

Sometimes groups of friends/family/coworkers like to gather to celebrate, to experience, or to connect to each other. The class can be customized to the needs of the group or to the type of celebration. It is usually a 75 minute practice. 

What’s the style of your yoga classes?

I was first certified as a Kripalu yoga teacher - Kripalu is a type of Hatha yoga that emphasizes adaptability, self compassion, and lifestyle integration. I then received my certification as a yoga therapist. 

I believe that the practice of yoga is a permanent invitation to educate the body, the mind, and the breath. With patience we can discipline the three of them to work in unison. Over time, they will synchronize to each other, shaping the alignment of your entire being, which is necessary to receive most of the  benefits of the practice. Even if  you prefer to restrict your practice to a physical level, you might need to dedicate some effort to align the movement with the breath and the concentration of the mind in order to develop a complete practice.  

My style combines movement and breathing with static poses. During the class you learn to synchronize the breath with the movement,  and you become open to receive the messages that the  body sends on each of the poses. We experience the beauty of yoga when we realize that after practicing the same pose hundreds of times,  we establish a communication with our body. We begin to know and feel the body, and to learn from our inside. I always begin from the gentle side of the practice.  “Gentle” doesn’t always mean “easy”. Gentleness requires ability to explore and restrain when needed. Starting from a gentle practice gives place to a curious exploration of our body before setting the foundation of the movement. Once you feel safe in that unique place, you are ready to move forward in search of more challenges. 

I have serious physical restrictions. Is there any type of yoga practice for me?

Yes. We can work together to find modifications of the postures that will suit your restrictions: yoga on a chair, yoga on the wall, yoga lying on your back, yoga lying on your belly, yoga lying on your bed, breathing exercises, etc.

What is a Yoga Therapy session like?

In a yoga therapy session I work one on one within the therapeutic spectrum, using yoga techniques to help you lessen the suffering from your illness. First we meet for a general assessment of your condition, and the effects that the condition could have  on your physical, mental, emotional, or energetic level. Then, I create a customized protocol based on yoga models that have proved to be effective for your condition.  You will learn those techniques, and will have to practice after the sessions. 

Do I need to have experience in yoga to use your Yoga Therapy service?

No. You will learn very simple but powerful techniques that don’t require experience or flexibility to be done. You don't even need to like Yoga. Yoga therapy is not a yoga class. Each of the techniques that you learn are chosen to  alleviate the effects that the disease has on your wellbeing. 

I am currently working with my doctor/physical therapist/chiropractor. Can I still work with you as a yoga therapist?

Yes, provided that your healthcare provider does not contraindicate the use of yoga. Depending on the situation you might need permission from your healthcare provider to practice. Yoga therapy is a complementary and holistic approach that has several access points to target the disease. These access points are different to those prescribed by traditional medicine. They are based on yoga models.   

How many sessions of YogaTherapy do I need?

It will depend on your condition. Typically we begin meeting weekly or biweekly to transition into monthly sessions. After each session you will have to do your “homework”. This homework is crucial to the healing process because it creates the real experience of how yoga can modify your response to the illness.  

What is your goal as a Yoga Therapist?

My goal is to work with you in an experiential way. I will offer a variety of techniques that you will have to experience. Together we will come up with a protocol that works for you. Eventually we will educate your body and mind in the use of those techniques without the need of my presence.  

What are the diseases that you can help with?

There is an increasing number of studies showing how yoga therapy can help in the healing of numerous physical, mental and emotional diseases. To mention some: pain management, lower back issues, shoulder issues, spine issues, mobility disorders like Parkinson’s disease and stroke recovery, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, depression, weight loss, and more. 

How do I know if I qualify for your service? 

Please, email me with basic information about yourself, and a brief explanation of the reason why you are looking for help.  I will contact you back to establish a 15 min-free of charge communication (phone, text message, Zoom, or email) to introduce each other and to answer any additional questions you might have.